Great Ways to Enjoy Blacktumbler® Gingerade

Spirit Cocktails: The vivid fresh flavors of the fresh ginger, cloves, bay leaves and other spices & herbs and fruits in the Blacktumbler® Gingerade makes it a great cocktail mixer. It is a perfect complement to your favorite spirit and it can be used to make various creations.

Blending appropriate amounts of Blacktumbler® Gingerade and spirit (like Absolut Vodka, Deep Eddy, etc.) gives a nice, smooth enjoyable bitter taste. You may add some ice and slice of lemon. Furthermore, one great thing about Blacktumbler® Gingerade is that it helps combat hangover and the terrible morning after feeling.


Meat (Beef, Lamb, Chicken): The rich flavors of the fresh ginger, cloves, bay leaves and other spices & herbs pairs very well with meat dishes (steaks, beef stews, lamb, chicken). The Gingerade helps to enhance the flavor of meat dishes. It also helps cut through the meat texture and clean your palate of fattiness from fatty meats.


Sea Foods: You can’t go wrong enjoying Blacktumbler® Gingerade with sea food dishes. The bay leaves and other spices & herbs add more complex, interesting and satisfying flavors that are perfect for delicate-tasting fish and other sea food dishes.


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