Spices & Herbs – Efficiency Booster for Your Digestive Health

In our modern lives, we find it increasingly difficult to make conscious lifestyle decisions about eating the right types of foods – whole foods and foods that contain a lot of fiber and greens. Unfortunately, our diet is typically full of processed and “white” foods as well as sodas, sugar, alcohol, smoking, lack of sleep, stress, etc., that can slow down your gastrointestinal track, reduce the efficiency of your digestive system, lead to lethargy and aching or bloating stomach.

Along with making conscious lifestyle decisions and eating whole foods and more fiber and green, adding flavorful spices and herbs in your foods and beverages can boost your digestion and support your digestive health. Spices and herbs have been used throughout history as digestive stimulants and other medicinal benefits.

Modern science has shown that many spices stimulate the liver functions which are important for digestion and absorption. Spices and herbs have been found to stimulate pancreas activities that produce enzymes that support a more efficient digestive system.

Also, spices and herbs help improve food transit time in the gastrointestinal tract. A sluggish gastrointestinal tract extends transit time that allows for more water to be absorbed out of the digested food that can result in painful constipation. In addition, the longer digested food stays in your system before it is eliminated, the more prone it is to be preyed upon by unhealthy bacteria.

In summary, spices and herbs when added to your daily diets can improve your digestive health and provide boost to the efficiency of your digestive system.

This post is solely for informational purposes. It is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for medical advice. Before undertaking any course of treatment or dietary and/or health changes, you should seek the advice of your physician or other health care provider.